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Introducing Useful.

Fun and free activities to keep your chin up while unemployed, underemployed or sademployed

Being out of work can really affect your state of mind. We all know what it's like: one day you've got a job and you're feeling productive, valued, respected, and purposeful in your day, and the next... there's a vacuum, and it's all too easy to fall into it feeling useless. Why? It's not true at all that we are useless, but we feel useless. The truth is, we're still worthy and talented and full of potential to give, but our brains tend to play nasty tricks on us when they've got nothing else to do.

That's why Useful. exists: to give you some fun activity sheets to keep your head straight. Best of all, they're free to use, because money shouldn't be a factor. Seriously. Just download them.

And, this is a living project. If you want to suggest anything that works for you, or any problem you've got that Useful. doesn't currently address, just tell me your story. I'd really love to read what you've got to say, and turn it into something that helps you, and anyone like you. Because being human is a lot easier when we recognize that everyone around us is, too.

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Did you know robots don't have fun?


February 4, 2019     Break It Down

Let It Go

January 15, 2019     Cup of Joy
Let It Go

You Are a Human

October 2, 2018     Playful Curiosity
You Are a Human

Box of Happiness

August 21, 2018     Cup of Joy
Box of Happiness

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Useful is created as a free resource for public good. The relationship between work and people is something that affects us all, and so we should all have the tools to navigate the new world.

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