Being unemployed, underemployed or just plain sademployed can really affect your state of mind. We all know what it’s like: one day you’ve got a job and you’re feeling productive, valued, respected, and purposeful in your day, and the next… you can fall into a pit of feeling useless. Why? It’s not true at all that we are useless, but we feel useless. The truth is, we’re still worthy and talented and full of potential to give, but our brains tend to play nasty tricks on us when they’ve got nothing else to do.

That’s why Useful. exists: to give you some fun activity sheets to keep your head straight. Best of all, they’re free to use. Seriously. Just download them.

And, this is a living project. If you want to suggest anything that works for you, or any problem you’ve got that Useful. doesn’t currently address, just tell me your story. I’d really love to read what you’ve got to say, and turn it into something that helps not only you, but anyone like you. Because this is something that affects all of us.

About Useful.

Useful. has the mission of helping people thrive in the new world, where everything is done better, faster and cheaper by robots. Globally, we have an increasing life expectancy and quality of life, and there’s meanwhile also a trend towards work that is deeply disconnected from people and fulfilling our purpose. People are let go because of machine automation, entire industries are ruined by fluctuations in the global economy or new technological development.

I want to help people regain a sense of purpose and joie de vivre that’s not based (exclusively) on the work they do. 

Here, I offer activity sheets that I hope will be fun, insightful and inspiring to help you thrive in a state of unemployment, underemployment or sademployment. They’re released under Creative Commons license, and are available to download absolutely free of charge.

About Me

Hello, it’s nice to meet you. My name is Katherine Oktober Matthews, and I’m an artist and analyst. I like to make things that get you to think and feel at the same time. You can learn more about me and see some of my work on my portfolio site: oktobernight.com.